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case of the week


We’ve been running cases of the week for quite a while now, though there was a bit of a pause when the world got busy!

Anyway, the COWs are just snippets of interesting cases that have come through the ED and which have lessons that need to be shared. We often say that there is never a boring day in the ED. Somewhere, someone is dealing with a patient or problem that’s fascinating, original and exciting…..the problem is that the person involved may not be you, and that’s a problem. Although I advocate evidence in clinical practice there is no point in trying to practice EBM without patients, cases and clinical conundrums. We absolutely need patients, and in particular patient narratives to tell contextualise evidence and to make it real.

So, COWs are sort of like show and tell with a message. They are/will be something that we found interesting with a few learning point or questions. Some will be simple, some FCEM level, some stupidly bizarre.

Hope you enjoy them and feel free to share.

For starters give this a whirl.

Simon Carley