Caveats, rules, thoughts and cautions!

At StEmlyns we like to think of ourselves as a fairly diverse bunch with a range of skills and ideas. At heart we are all career emergency physicians with an interest in education, though all of us have areas of particular interest.

We are really keen to share the thoughts and ideas that we discuss on a daily basis. We don’t always agree but we feel that is our strength. We constantly question each other and challenge each other in the clinical environment and we want to do the same here. There is therefore no house style here and I’m not sure anyone is in charge. What matters is that we can share our thoughts in safe environment and whilst we will keep an eye on each other to make sure nothing silly is said we do not have a strict editorial policy.

The opinions, thoughts and musings on this website are attributable to the author and not the team as a whole and certainly not to the numerous organisations we work for.

As a guide we follow the thoughts of the GMC in the UK which can be found here.

There is also an excellent summary of guidance from around the world here from the excellent Life in the Fast Lane. The bottom line is be safe, be sensible and don’t say anything here that you would not say in a clinical setting.

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