Following on from the amazing twitterfest at the International Conference of Emergency Medicine in Dublin I think there will be many emergency physicians updating, revising and expanding their online presence.

There is no doubt that social media can have a positive effect in medical education and research and I think that I may have been lucky enough to be present at the start of something big…..or maybe it’s always been there but I’ve never realised it before.

So, what can we do in Manchester?

Ideas are overflowing after meeting such fantastic people in Dublin, but rather than create something entirely new the way forward will be to find a way to distribute the incredible learning that takes place behind closed doors at StEmlyns (1,2), and of course to find ways of disseminating the evidence from BestBets out to a wider audience.

Time for some distributed thinking.


1. http://classroom.stemlyns.org.uk
2. http://www.bestbets.org
3. http://www.stemlyns.org

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